Our company is an established company in 2020. About eight years from the start to the present are divided into three big stages. In the first stage, the nail of the founder building was put on the main shaft of the business, and the scale was expanded greatly after the great Kanto earthquake. In the second stage, we have established a small business model in Japan, where we have started to manufacture parts for automobiles, steered a lot of business, expanded the Japanese automobile market, and expanded the economic growth. And we are in the middle of the third stage now. The stage of competition extends to the world, and products made in China, Thailand and the United States are loaded into cars running all over the world. There is a big change in the background of overseas development, which has entered into a difficult time for China to continue to grow in a way of thinking and business. The "slogan" to venture businesses in the eighth year of its founding is looking at the fourth stage of the "stage in the world market where strong people are being chosen". These times change is a crisis for many Chinese companies, but we find it a good opportunity to make this company a great leap and growth. In addition to the new ideas and actions that are based on the era, we must practice it in a global and solid manner. As China has grown, many countries will grow and become rich. We believe that we can contribute greatly. We can't change the world like apple and Google, but it is our mission to contribute to the development of the automotive industry that supports China, and to contribute to the growth of the world as a member of all China, and we believe that it is possible that only a handful of "good company" can be achieved in the world .