What is Cold Heading?


  What exactly is Cold Heading? Let’s begin by defining the general term along with the basic principles of involved in the cold heading process.

  The process of progressively forming a specified shape from metal wire without adding heat – using a replicated series of dies, hammers, and punches at high speed.


Cold Heading Machine - Chun Zu


  Simply put: cold heading is feeding wire into a machine, cutting it into pieces, and hammering on it. The material is not heated or machined, but formed into its desired shape at room temperature. The ability to form material instead of removing it deems this process extremely efficient and cost effective when manufacturing large quantities.

  At Grandeur Fasteners, we design and fabricate our own custom tooling and manufacture nearly all fastener forms including multiple upset configurations, customized head shapes, and substitutions for multi-part assemblies. Converting your supply needs to cold heading can benefit in many ways.

  Tight Tolerances

  High Speed Production Rates

  Large Volume Capabilities

  Reduced Raw Material Waste

  Improved Physical Properties

  Reduction in Cost Vs Machining

  Capabilities Include a Large Range of Diameters

  Standard and non-standard configurations are made to the customer’s specifications

  Many secondary operations available to complete fully customized parts